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Emma Beattie

Top Hairdresser and salon owner

"Thanks Absolute Food Club you've really changed my life, you devised a suitable diet and exercise plan for me that was achievable with my busy lifestyle and gave me guidance. I had suffered for years with very bad bloating which I amazingly no longer have and I have lost 6 lbs in 6 weeks. The smoothies are a must, I love them and they've have totally got rid of my mid morning hunger pangs. I will happily be able to stick to this plan long term unlike other diets I've tried. Its brilliant and I will be recommending AFC to everybody. "

Caroline Liggins

Defence lawyer

"Just before Christmas, I was on a horrific diet, everyone around me said I looked ill and grey, it was at this point I thought this was not right. I was just sick and tired of the weight I was and I wanted to start something which I could continue for the rest of my life. So I was introduced to Kathryn. At our first meeting we discussed my weight related problems what difficulties I had in sustaining loss of weight, how I should slowly increase my exercise and change my general eating habits. It was great to be able to talk to her so freely without feeling she was judging me. I took on board what Kathryn said and the plan Kathryn gave me (which was detailed, thorough and personalised just for me) and I started writing my diary, which even now I continue to do. It was amazing to see what junk I was generally eating and it made me think. I felt I could be very honest and direct with Kathryn about my problems and throughout she has always maintained a supportive and caring approach always preserving her professionalism. She never made me feel awful or embarrassed about what I have been eating or what I have not done, but made me question why I was eating it and whether I really need to. She also made me realise that if I do I have a bad week, don't worry and don't give up. Nevertheless, I have now come to realise that I don't genuinely have dreadful weeks anymore because it is now a habit that I eat this way always, it's brilliant! My boyfriend and I now cook more and the recipes Kathryn provided are just delicious, keeping you full, especially her yummy smoothies. I feel great, I have lost over a stone, I am exercising more and I feel confident in myself. I now have natural energy both from the exercise I do, the nutritious food I am eating and the weight I am losing. I swim at least twice a week, walk instead of taking the car and I have even taken up running which I never dreamed I would take pleasure in. I enjoy it so much I am undertaking a 10k run in July!"

Dr. M Ullah

Senior Research Scientist at Pfizer

"I was, like many people out there, naturally sceptical about receiving diet advice, but the process of keeping a food diary made me realise just how much I eat out of boredom and habit. Going over my diet in this way and being provided the right information of what and how I should be eating, based on my individual profile, was priceless. It enabled me to reprogram my attitude towards food and to develop an instinct for portion control, which, ultimately, enabled me to manage my weight long term and with little effort I lost 7lb! I would definitely recommend the Absolute Food Club to friends and colleagues"

Lucinda Simpson

Housewife and Mother

" As a wife and mother I'm continually having to keep my kids and husband happy with little time for my own needs and preferences food wise. I've tried diets before but none of them worked long term as they didn't take into account my personal circumstances. I'd also been concerned about losing weight whilst ensuring my family get all the essential vitamins and nutrients. The Absolute Food Club has helped me lose the weight I needed to and I am confident it will stay off. I also received valuable assistance and guidance in planning ahead to ensure we are all eating enjoyably and healthily with minimal stress on me, thanks so much! "

Joanna Strickland

Chartered Accountant

I would like to thank Kathryn for all her help and guidance over the last few months relating to my families diet and mine. With simple advice and support I have managed not only to lose weight without ever feeling hungry but to also change the whole way my family eat. We have now developed a more holistic approach to our daily meals. Instead of rushing quick ready meals in the oven then into our mouths I now cook completely from scratch with whole foods and really enjoy the whole process from shopping, pre planning, cooking and eating. I am a yoyo dieter never continuously maintaining a healthy body weight. Now my kids, my husband and myself never diet we just eat healthy regular and much more tasty food. We have changed our whole ethos to food thanks to Kathryn and through this my whole family is healthier and slimmer.

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