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We offer a comprehensive 6 week personal plan to change your eating habits for life, this is not a quick fix diet this is healthy happy eating plan for life that will aid you to lose weight and gain maximum nutritional benefits.

After a 1 to 1 consultation you will receive a personalised eating and exercise plan totally bespoke for you and your lifestyle and benefit from our member's area which has recipes, helpful articles and blogs with the very latest scientific research.

6 week personal plan

The 6 week personal plan also comes with life membership to the Absolute Food Club with access to new recipes, the latest blogs and exciting offers.


Week 1

Food and mood diary completion

In order for us to understand your current eating habits and patterns we need you to complete an honest week long food and mood diary. This needs to include all main meals, snacks, drinks, any exercise and how you felt before and after eating.

Week 2

1 to 1 consultation with your own nutrition expert and personalised plan

We'll talk over the phone or face to face for about 45 minutes to review your diet diary. We don't judge your eating habits or tell you off, so don't worry what you have admitted to, the more honest the better! We will complete a thorough consultation on your diet, lifestyle and goals. Then your nutrition expert will create your own personalised eating plan and your own bespoke set of rules.

Week 3

Review call

We will discuss how your first week has gone following your AFC personalised plan. We will support you and go through any problems you may have had with eating times or foods and suggest relevant alternatives.

Week 4

Follow up email support

Knowing that you have weekly support has really helped our clients stick to their plans, we will answer any questions or problems you may have whilst maintaining encouragement.

Week 5

Follow up email support

While we are there for you, we also want to empower you to do this by yourself. We hope you will be using your lifetime access to the membership area, with over 50 recipes and top tips giving you lots of new and simple ideas. We understand that life doesn't always go to plan so we are still here to help adjust your personalised programme.

Week 6

Second review call

Similar to the week 3 telephone call, we will thoroughly review how your personalised plan has worked for you and your family, as often the whole family gets involved. We will discuss how you can carry this on for life and assure you we will always be here for you

Personalised Review

In the coming months your circumstances eg: job or partner may have changed or you just want a revamped eating plan so you may need some
extra motivation. Whatever your reason we are here to help, advise and support.