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We are always looking to recruit quality freelance mobile personal trainers in London. Individuals must be fully qualified, professional, fun and capable of sustaining the highest levels of customer service. We are an energetic, closely knit company with a great team spirit. We have regular training workshops and nights out which reinforce our unity and success as London's leading mobile personal training company.
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Trainer Testimonials

Matt Simmons

'I have been working for Absolute Fitness for over three years. Prior to joining the Absolute Fitness team I worked for five years as a gym manager, personal trainer and sports therapist in a central London Gym. Absolute Fitness has really pushed my training methods on and has got me thinking out of the box. The outdoor training enables me to use my creative side and to really get the most out of my clients. It has been a huge breath of fresh air to get away from the same four walls and pieces of equipment you find in a typical gym. It's been a pleasure and honour to work for a company that has a great array of clients from all walks of life and a fantastic like minded group of trainers.'

Derek Gardner

'I have worked for Absolute Fitness since 2003, the clients that I have worked with since then have varied from Royals, celebrities to great long term clients. There have always been plenty of clients offered to me over the years, which is one of the reasons that I still work with Absolute Fitness today. Another reason is they are a great team of professional and hardworking trainers, many of who have become my friends.'

Steph Booty

'Absolute Fitness is primarily the highest profile personal training company in London, which is why I wanted to work with them, but more importantly it's a brilliant company to work for. There have always been lots of clients who have all been fun to work with and I have enjoyed training them. Not just that but I really wanted to avoid working in a gym and Absolute Fitness are a team of totally mobile personal trainers so I get to spend most of my days training outside in London's parks.'

Jess Kidwell

'I love working for Absolute Fitness as it gives me the freedom to have flexible hours and to meet interesting people. It beats the boredom of being stuck on a gym floor for 9 hours of my day. My fellow trainers are all extremely motivated, full of energy and fun and are continuously striving for more knowledge.'

Sarah Roulstone

'Being a freelance trainer is great but also very lonely. Being part of the Absolute Fitness team means that you are part of a company but doing what you enjoy. There are some great trainers working in the company and all have there own special field, so if you need to know anything there is always someone who has the answer. Its also really good to be around people who see Personal Training as their career which can sometimes be hard to find. There is also the social side to working there which makes you feel part of a team. I have also been lucky enough to drive the smart car and when I am able to fit new clients into my diary Absolute Fitness always have new people for me, so as long as you are a loyal hard working trainer you can have constant work.'

Ed Beesley

Working with Absolute Fitness has allowed me to do exactly what I entered the industry for to be able to focus on delivering tailored, fun and interesting personal training sessions to clients that are keen to progress. I am able to work the hours that I want whilst being able to keep times free for my other interests and having peace of mind that I have that flexibility. The other advantage is that I get to train and of course get to know a huge variety of people that are interested in and dedicated towards improving their health and fitness. It is the ideal environment to expand your skills and enjoy yourself while doing it.

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